Restore Lexar USB drive

USB drive are small, efficient and fast to save your valuable files that need a frequent access They weigh less than a ounce and store up to 64 GB size data. There are various brands of USB drives available in the current market and one among them is Lexar USB drives. These were developed by a Lexar Media which is an American manufacturing company. Lexar USB drives are of high quality and award winning products.


With the help of a Lexar USB drive, you can carry your files wherever you travel since of its small size. Even you can take backup of your files so that you can be on safer side if anything causes file loss on your system or your system crashes entirely. In today’s market, you can find pen drives of various size and shapes. There are even different fancy types of USB drives manufactured to attract the customers. A user can choose and buy them based on their requirements. Like any other storage device, you can lose files from Lexar USB drives as well. The reasons for the loss of data may be many but the solution is only one i.e. USB Drive Recovery tool to know how to recover USB drive data. Download this tool on your system and try and experience the magic of recovering your lost or deleted file.

Events leading to Lexar USB drive recovery:

Here are some events mentioned that may have led to the loss of files from your flash drives when used on your system.

  1. Transfer errors: Lexar USB drives are used as a powerful backup solution nowadays. In order to create a backup these pen drives have to be connected to the system with the help of connecting it to the USB ports available in your computers and then copy the files to it. While doing this, sometimes there can be possibility of interruption by a power surge which causes loss of files.
  2. Logical damage: Flash drives have to be ejected by selecting “Safely Remove hardware” option. Doing this makes operating system to stop accessing the flash drive and keeps the file system safe. But at times when you remove it abruptly while the files are still in active state then it causes logical damage to USB drive and makes files inaccessible to users
  3. Forceful addition of files: File size depends on the capacity of information stored in it. Sometimes while storing large files your USB drive may lack space in order to save this file. In such case, you may end up deleting other valuable files that were already stored on your Lexar USB drive

Recover USB Drive software is best among all the tools available in the present IT market to restore files lost or deleted from Lexar USB drive. It can recover RAW USB flash drive and helps viewing its content after the recovery is done. The software as less size hence it takes only a small memory space from your hard drive to be downloaded and used. You can perform document recovery from USB drive as well as other files such as music, visual, audio files etc.

Files recovered can be displayed in two forms one is the File Type View and other Data Type View; File type view helps viewing the files based on the file types and Data View based on file hierarchy. You can perform flash drive recovery Mac and Windows operating system installed on your PC.

Steps to perform Lexar USB drive recovery:

Step 1: Download and install Lexar USB Drive recovery tool on your PC. Then run the application by clicking on the desktop icon after connecting the Lexar USB drive to your system. From the first screen select “Recover Photos” option.

Recover USB Drive - Main Screen

Step 2: Then on the next window select “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” based on the scenario of data loss and select the Lexar flash drive from where you lost the files.

Recover USB Drive - Select USB Drive Screen

Step 3: A new window is displayed with the list of restored files from your Lexar USB drives. Restore files from Lexar pen drive by saving them back on your system.

Recover USB Drive- Preview File Screen

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