Easily Perform Flash Drive Recovery Mac

Macintosh Operating System is developed by Apple Inc having a UNIX based platform. It is facilitated with an attractive graphical user interface which most of the users find it easy to use. Nowadays, Most of the computer users prefer using Mac operating system than Windows OS, since Mac systems provide more security features that prevents your files to be misused by others. HFS+ and HFSX are the different file systems that are supported by Mac operating systems.

USB drives can be connected to Mac systems for taking backup or transferring files from one system to other. The Mac operating system identifies it as removable drive and enables user to access or create new files in it. In fact of all these advantages that Mac provide there can be data loss from USB drives connected to Macintosh system as well. Flash Drive Recovery software provided in this page is specially designed for Mac operating system to recover USB drive files. This software perform flash drive recovery on Mac versions like Mac Leopard, Mac Snow Leopard and Mac Lion.

Common reasons due to which you may lose data from Flash drive:

List of reasons that results in loss of files from Flash Drive on Mac operating system:

  1. Improper ejection: There are many circumstances where you lose files from Mac system. Improper ejection of USB drives is one of them. When you disconnect a USB drive from the system you have to select “Safely Remove Hard Drive” option provided on the Mac operating system to keep the file system of the USB safe. When you abruptly pull out the device when you are copying files or if the files from it are opened in the system you may end up in losing those files.
  2. Third party tools: Today market is filled with different tools that make users work easy. There is antivirus software, photo editing tools, compressing tools etc. When you use these tools by installing them on your Macintosh computer sometimes it may make use of files stored on your system to achieve there task and delete them without your knowledge and cause its loss.
  3. Manual deletion: Sometimes users lack space in storing new files to your USB on Mac system. In order to save the new files they delete the old files thinking it might be not useful in future. After deleting them sometimes a necessity can arise were the file might be needed. In that case, you can use Flash Drive Recovery software to recover USB drive files with ease.

Flash Drive Recovery is high quality tool sold in the current IT market that lets you recover any type of files from your flash drive on Macintosh system. It enables you to recover data from RAW USB after formatting it. You can even save your results after scanning the selected drive for future use using “Save Recovery Session” option. This tool can even recover documents from USB and other types of text files like PDF, HTML etc along with the other media types.

In addition to these you can even preview the recovered file from USB drive before restoring them to your system with the help of “Preview” option. It can perform Lexar USB drive recovery along with Samsung, Transcend, Kingston and other brands. This tool also has a “Find” option that can be used when user wants to search for a file based on any of its attribute. Using this software, you can recover lost files from USB drive within few mouse clicks.

Step by step procedure to perform flash drive recovery Mac:

Step 1: Download the Flash Drive Recovery tool and install the same in your Macintosh system. Connect the flash drive to the system USB slot. Run the tool, you will get a main screen that consists of three main options among which you need to select the option “Recover Files” to recover deleted or lost files from Flash Drive on Mac.

Recover USB Drive - Main Screen

Step 2: On the next screen select either “Recover Deleted Files” or “Recover Lost Files” option on deciding the factor of data loss. Select the USB drive from the next screen.

Recover USB Drive - Select USB Drive Screen

Step 3: After the files are recovered it is displayed on the new screen. Select the required files and save it back by selecting any secure location.

Recover USB Drive- Preview File Screen

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