Software to Recover USB Drive Data

  • Best software to recover USB drive your lost or deleted.
  • Capable enough to identify and recover USB drive documents and other generic files with the help of its built in algorithm.
  • Recover USB drive files and help previewing of data content.
  • Built in with fast scanning algorithm that enables to recover USB drive in few minutes of use.



How to recover USB drive data?

USB drives are extremely popular for backup and transporting files from one system to other. It’s a portable plug and play storage device that is small enough to be hooked into a keychain. Today there are many manufacturers developing USB of different size and structures. USB drives are also familiar in the names like pen drive and flash drive.

Using USB drives are more durable than hard drive as they don’t contain any internal moving parts. You have to connect the pen drive to the USB port on your computer in order to access files saved on it. Unlike hard drive, flash drive retains the data even after disconnecting it from a computer and doesn’t need any external power source. As pen drive serve as an easier means of data backup and transfer they are used by numerous users around the world. Similar to other devices even USB drive lose files from it due to different data loss disasters hitting it and you may need to recover them. During such period opt for an effective recovery tool like Recover USB Drive provided in this page to recover USB drive files without causing any harm to your system.

Reasons for data loss from USB drives:

Here are some events mentioned that may have led to the loss of files from your flash drives when used on your system.

  • If the USB drive is abruptly pulled out of the computer when there is a ongoing transfer process can lead to loss of files.
  • Downloading harmful attachments from the e-mails that you received can infect the healthy files on your pen drive and caused its loss.
  • Antivirus software can delete the files along with the attached malware when you scan your pen drive connected to your system.
  • Files can be deleted by users unintentionally by pressing the delete option on keyboard or file options.

Best features about Recover USB Drive tool:

  • Best recovery tool that supports flash drive recovery on Mac and Windows platform of all latest versions.
  • This application can recover USB drive having FAT16 and FAT32 file system.
  • You can recover USB drive files and save them on storage medium such as CD / DVD, internal and external hard drive, memory cards etc.
  • It supports Samsung, Transcend, HP, Kingston, Lexar USB drive recovery. Visit to know about how to recover usb drive files using this tool.
  • It can recover USB drive files showing raw file system and sort the data based on the file extensions and other attributes just by using few mouse clicks.
  • You can recover USB drive file and locate any particular file based on its file attributes like name, size, date and many more.
  • Recover USB Drive is capable to identify all media files like audio, video, images and animations.
  • Follow this link to see how this tool is capable enough to recover documents from USB and other types of files like word, PPT, excel,etc.

Steps to be followed to recover USB drive files:

Step 1: Click on the download link on this page and install the Recover USB Drive software on your computer. Connect the USB drive to your system from which you have lost files and make sure that the drive as been detected. Launch the application by selecting the Desktop icon. When the first screen is displayed select “Recover Files” option to retrieve lost files.

Recover USB Drive - Main Screen

Step 2: The Recover USB Drive software navigates to the new screen having two options namely “Recover Deleted Files” and “Recover Lost Files”, select any one based on the factor that led to loss of file.

Recover USB Drive - Select Mode Screen

Step 3: On the next screen select the USB drive and click “Next”. The tool starts scanning the drive and recover USB drive files from it and displays it to you. Select the required recovered file and restore it back after purchase.

Recover USB Drive - Preview Screen

Tips and suggestions

  • Before disconnecting the USB drive from your computer always use "Safely Remove Hardware" option.
  • Avoid using third party tools that can lead to data loss from USB.
  • Use UPS to protect your system from file loss due to power surge.

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